Elliott Pritchard is a British Singer/Songwriter with more than a flavour of his Welsh roots showing through.
If influences have to be put on show then Elliot displays a carefully selected collection of Luminaries. Bob Dylan through to Oasis. From the thoughtful through soulful to pure rocking. a Talented songwriter with carefully crafted stage skills courtesy of Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. Not restricted to love songs Elliott shows a mature insight into the most important questions facing young people today. With his heart in his homeland and family and a voice that perfectly frames his deeply personal songs Elliott is set to Move forward with a talent that can only grow and grow.

“Honest, building and energetic, Pritchard exudes his genuine and unadulterated desire to entertain, and does just this.” He tells stories of his life with pure honesty with a voice that makes you listen. “Pritchard’s voice takes hold of the room and demands anyone present to be a part of the performance.”